Saturday, September 18, 2010

O to live like Mickey Mouse

I watch way too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse these days. Addison insists. The only way I can get her to stop asking to see it is to tell her that Mickey Mouse is sleeping. In reality, he could be, because he only works from 8-9a.m every day.
After much observation, I've come to really envy Mickey's entire life at the Clubhouse and in my dreams, I have a clubhouse of my own.
Who wouldn't love to have a contraption called the "handy helper?" Extra hands that do the simplest things like open doors, but who could also be used to change diapers, fold towels and take out the garbage. Oh the tasks I could think of for those handy helpers!
Then of course there's the fact that you have every mode of transportation available from a car housed in the "shoe garage" to the "glove balloon".
What I really want is a Mouse-ka-Do-er. I don't know how to spell it, but it is omnipotent. It always knows what problems will be encountered and what tools will be needed to accomplish ALL the tasks. Although I'm always amazed at how often a baby elephant is needed as a tool.
But I think the best part of living in a clubhouse would be "Toodles." When you need 'em, Toodles will bring 'em. Can you imagine someone available every minute of the day, ready to provide you with anything you ask for?
Then of course, if the handy helpers don't get all the work done and there are no more tasks that can be accomplished during that day....if Toodles is all out of helpful tools, all I'd have to do is fold the clubhouse back up into it's hidden underground chamber and remember that tomorrow will be saved by three simple words...Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse!!!!
If only.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Babble continued

Had to share tonight's baby babble.

"Bit! Bit! (Book! Book!)
There's a big shoe box.
"Nie, Nie Bit." She puts the books in the box.
"Seep" (Sleep)
"Seep Bit, Nie Nie"

So cute I can't stand it.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Addison Babble

It's been a while since I've posted pictures of my cutie patootie. Today is a recap of some of our latest achievements at 22 months.
She's becoming more and more verbal even though most of the time I'm playing a guessing game trying to figure out what she's talking about. Many of her orations start with "bo bo be ba ba ba" or "dooeee dooee dee da"
There are other times when she's very clear and can mimick every word I say. Today she busted out with "Eat". It's the first time she's told me she was hungry.
She really likes reciting our family members names over and over, "mommydaddyaddison, mommydaddyaddison."
She loves Aunt Sandra and her dog, Pearle..."An San" and "Pear". I love her renditions of words - so cute.
And her favorite toys are things like a blueberry scented candle from the dollar store that we salvaged out of Aunt Sandra's yard sale pile. Then there's the swiffer wetjet and Trenton's fan and the ever popular empty diaper box.
She's very adventurous now since she learned to climb. She can climb out of her pack-n-play and climb up in chairs. Just tonight, I caught her up on the bar stool where she had gotten hold of daddy's chocolate iced donuts. She took a bite out of each one. We had to laugh. Sometimes, that's all you can do.
Here are some photos of my angel. She's growing up fast.
Last but not least...a funny video.