Sunday, November 3, 2013

Turning 5 is awesome

 The birth of Rainbow Dash

 Absolutely love this cupcake face.
To recap her day. Woke up to mommy and daddy singing Happy Birthday. Wore a crown all day at school. Went to Build-A-Bear with Kate curly and Margaret Vernon and made her first stuffed animal...Rainbow Dash, complete with tennis shoes, cape and roller skates. Had a big birthday cookie at the mall and finished the afternoon playing at home with her best friends. Dinner was Mexican so she could have one of her favorites..."Cheese Chips" and it was topped off with cupcakes. She also got a big girl bike with training wheels. I don't think it could possibly have been a better day.

Halloween 2013

 Our First Carved Pumpkin
 Addison did the teeth.
 Hello Nurse.
 The witch...our newest decoration. She's a hoot really. Talks, moves, has a smoking cauldron.
 The cutest cowgirl ever.