Sunday, May 26, 2013

First Swimming Lessons

Mrs. Sarah is a very patient woman.
Twenty three times Addison said to me, "Mommy, can you tell Mrs. Sarah I don't want to jump in the water?"  Mrs. Sarah's answer.."We'll see."
Guess who won. 

This picture is a perfect depiction of the fact that most of the girls hated learning to swim. Not a happy face in the bunch.


The Grand "Candyon" and Vegas

This was our longest vacation yet...17 days. We flew to Vegas and then drove to Utah and Arizona to view some of the most breathtaking country I've ever seen.
These are some highlights.
Bryce Canyon
On the way to Zion National Park
I drove a lot.
Bryce Canyon 
A real Wild Ass..or a

I literally got a lump in my throat at this view...Bryce Canyon was my favorite.

Bryce Canyon

There's so much beauty in this photo...I can't stand it.

The twisty tree. Fell in love with this photo because its such a symbol of something hanging on, surviving and being beautiful against the odds.

Because I was having a good hair day...before the hike...and I can't seem to find many pics of me from this trip.

In Zion National Park

Addison wanted me to take her picture in front of everything. Every rock, every
I told her to look excited. Oh my.

Me and my girl

That's me with the Grand Canyon in the background. The north rim was still closed for winter and we didn't feel like driving the 6 hours to the south rim so we took the advice of a ranger and drove a very interesting road through Kaibab National park to this viewpoint. It was worth every bump and scary moment. The pictures don't do it justice. The silence up there is deafening, yet so surreal. The vastness of the Canyon just made you stand in awe because it was all forest and then BAM!, magnificence.

Back in Vegas, my monkey just hanging around.
Could you tell I just said, " Addison, will you PLEASE smile!"

Girl day at the M&M Store

Yep. It's a horse with a lampshade on its head. My girl declared it picture worthy.

Biggest Bling Ever!

Took this....showed to Michael...Daddy's worst nightmare apparently..LOL

My Scarlett Letter

Everyone knows that I just can't seem to get pregnant on my own. It's not a secret, or something I'm ashamed of. It just is. I am intrigued at how that fact seems to hang around my neck where ever other pregnant people or people with new babies are concerned. It comes in the form of friend feeling as if they cannot talk about their new pregnancy or attempts at it. They're joy is always followed by an apology. Or better yet, when there is a newborn around, being the designated baby holder, in attempts to give me my baby fix. I know that these are good gestures to spare my feelings and emotions concerning this subject, but let me just say.....people, I'm good.
There is no pregnant woman on this planet that I would ever feel any animosity for because her body works like the good Lord intended. I know some that do and jealousy is a terrible thing. And I will hold your baby for hours, change its diaper, feed it....whatever. But just know, it's because I love tiny humans, not because I have some sort of deficit.
I have been immensely blessed with my Addison. She is phenomenal - beautiful - stubborn - loving - dramatic....and she's all mine. There is no hole that she hasn't filled in my heart. I am content.