Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Seven and sassy

We celebrated our girl turning seven with some Mexican food and a day at the fair.  Funtimes!

These boyz

15 months old
Will is walking
Alex is running
Will knows how to hug your neck.
Alex can go get his own shoes and socks. Will and Alex can both climb the stairs fast.... When you're not looking. 

Mystery Incorporated

We won the costume competition for the second year in a row at the Club.
We did well as "those meddling kids"  I think.  I love costumes. 

A year in the life

I realized something lately.  My daughter has grown.  Yes,  I know she is going to grow but I haven't kept up.  I will listen to her talk or watch her walk across the room and think to myself,  "who is that?" I am sad about that fact but today I had the revelation as to why.  I have been so wrapped up in surviving the boys for the past year,  I think I missed the evolution of my other baby into a girl.  It didn't help that time the boys were born she started real school.  Our days that used to be filled with mommy/daughter time were suddenly skimpy moments; a little in the morning,  a little in the afternoon,  and maybe a spot right before bed. To have my attention divided from one to three was probably devastating for her.  It's apparent in the acting out that she has done.  I have not handled it well either.  I've snapped when I shouldn't.  I've yelled way too loud.  I've spanked before talking.  I have been too stretched to always be the best mom to her. 
And today I looked across the room to see a girl where my baby used to be.. With opinions and beliefs and a will that just won't quit.. And I feel like I don't know her like I once did. This makes me sad.

Monday, October 12, 2015

My whole world

How blessed am I? These kids are my world.  I am so thankful to be their mom.
Addison turns 7 this month.  A fact she has been letting me know since the day after she turned 6.
Alex is so smart.  He really does understand and respond to most anything I say. Will is just sweetness incarnate.  He has learned to give hugs.  I am literally in heaven.  I wish I could freeze their innocence for a bit.. Their absolute love for me.  Addison is like talking to a grown woman sometimes.  She can amaze and anger me in the same split second.  A talent the child who is most like you has.  If I could only convey the fullness of my heart at this very minute....you wouldn't even be able to stand it.