Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Games we play

Games that prepare you for motherhood. MEMORY: this morning I found one shoe in the living room and had to think really hard to remember that I had seen its match upstairs in the bathroom.

GUESSTURES: when you have 2 toddlers that don't really speak well its a crapshoot as to what they are trying to tell you.  There's a lot of pointing on their end and guessing on mine.

Beanboozled: Maybe you've seen this game..maybe not. It's  full of jelly beans that can either taste like something yummy or something hideous like toothpaste or earwax.  This is what meals with toddlers compares to. I may think its good but one bite of something that's not a chicken nugget or french fry is immediately rejected and thrown in the if they just gotten the earwax jelly bean.

I spy:
Toddlers also play this game regarding anything green. I spy a microscopic piece of spinach on that noodle...nope..not going in my boys' mouth.

Where's waldo:
These short humans can get lost so easily by merely being little in stature. I suggest one actually dress their kids like Waldo with the red and white stripes in order to make finding them in a crowd an easier task. Better yet,  I just bought some neon yellow and orange polo shirts. I want them to stick out like the utilty workers.

20 questions:
This game applies mainly to my eldest.....who for whatever reason cannot formulate a sentence under pressure: "Why are you crying? Are you hurt? Are you sick? What did your brother do? How long have you been on the floor? What happened to your shoes?"

Oh wait...I can solve this..upstairs in the bathroom ;)