Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Baby's Blues

Cover letters

In my search for a new employee, I've received many interesting resumes and cover letters. Here are some of my favorites:
"Do you believe in fate? I didn't until I read your job description. It was then I knew that I was the person you've been looking for."

"In my last position I increased revenue 100 percent. I had 100 percent approval from my coworkers and peers. I can type with 100 percent accuracy."

"I have an undeniable passion for real estate."

"You may notice my gaps in employment over the years. It was at this time that I was serving as a domestic engineer."

No wonder the unemployment rate is so high.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


While watching GA Travleler on TV today I realized how truly "southern" some the terminology is that I'm used to. For instance, the pulley bone. It's a fading phenonmenon, the pully bone. KFC or Church's don't offer it. I realized today that unless I start cutting and frying up my own chicken..Addison will never know the joy of getting to make a wish and pull the pulley bone. People in other regions refer to it as the wishbone...but if you're from Georgia - it's just not the same.
I also heard a man on that same show refer to something being "as smooth as cream rinse." Cream rinse - I remember when my mother told us that it we needed to start using cream rinse to get the tangles out of our hair. I also remember the first time a stranger had no idea what I was referring to. "Oh, you mean conditioner?" Why yes, of course, conditioner.
I've adopted many non-Georgian sayings these days. I no longer refer to soda as "Coke" no matter what the brand. I've cut out using "Ya'll" unless surrounded by people who only understand that sort of language.
In some instances I think it's just a matter of what won out; cream rinse:conditioner; VHS:BETA....same thing I think.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Open House

We met Addison's "teacher" today at Reid Presbyterian. I'm so excited that she's going to get to play with a bunch of kids her age. There are six children total in the class. Isn't she too young for open house?

Frankly, I'm glad for the childcare relief. Both of my secretaries turned in their 2 week notice on the same day....THE SAME DAY! What's up with that? Now I'm frantically searching resumes to find a replacement, wrap up a lot of loose ends so that I'll have time to train a new person... all the while trying to keep Addison quarantined into a safe corner of the office.

I laugh to think of the fond memories Addison will have of office supplies when she gets older. Her "toys" today consisted of an old cell phone, a ink pen, a paperweight and a piece of junk mail.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I remind myself of such things

Maybe it's the culmination of the instability of current times. Maybe it's because during my parent's visit today, all they could do was comment on the cat hair floating along my baseboards. Maybe it's the fact that all the property tax invoices came in the mail today....for all our properties. Maybe it's my self guilt that I can't afford to stay at home and just be a mom. Maybe it's just the fact that I am not always up for this life. I am overwhelmed.
Things are never quite as bad as they seem and unfortunately they can always get worse.
I try and remind myself of such things.
I know that the economy is getting better and better every day and I'm sure that houses will start selling again. I know that I will clean my house and wipe away all traces of cat...whether this week or next. I know that the taxes will get paid and that Addison will grow up to be such a well rounded individual because of all the people who loved her and took care of her as she grew up. I know it'll be all right.
I try and remind myself of such things.
It's just days like this that this kettle has reached the boiling point and the tears streaming down my face serve as a release of all my frustration of my utter exhaustion from fighting day to day to survive.
It will all be OK. I remind myself of such things.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Today I saw myself

There's a spot that we always meet my mother - at Walgreens. It's half-way between my house and her's and it's a good spot to exchange Addison. Today, I saw myself at Walgreens. It was strange, because there was my Infiniti...the one I traded in for my new Pilot...parked at the Walgreens, in the same spot where I usually waited for mom. It's a wonder the owner didn't come running out because I was walking around the car and peeking inside, trying to see if my tale-tale marks were still on that car. They were. The dent on the front, the tear in the seat, the scratch on the bumper - ALL there.
It was such a wild occurrance because that was my car for nearly 7 years. And now someone else was driving it - had their high school tassle hanging from the rear view mirror (which had nearly fallen off one time and had to be reglued). I thought about going in the store to try and find the owner....but then again, I'd hate to bust their bubble of having a "new" car by letting them know all the problems that I've had with it and the ones I didn't fix just to trade it in.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Daddy Lullaby

I had to laugh tonight when I heard my husband singing to Addison as he rocked her to sleep.
"Hush little baby don't say a word, daddy's gonna buy you a mocking bird,
And when that mockingbird won't sing, daddy's gonna buy you a diamond ring,
And if that diamond ring ain't real, daddy's gonna buy you a Coupe Deville"
That's just priceless.