Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Our Newest Family Member - Dakota


We are FIVE

Tonight I was beautiful. Or so I was told.
I was cleaning up my daughter's room. Trashed from a day of birthday fun, I needed to get it back in working order. Three little girls are equivalent to a small hurricane.
As I sat in the floor sorting out tiny little figurines of disney princesses and small Barbie shoes that certainly were developed by evil people who never actually had kids or at least never stepped on one of those small torturous pieces of plastic in the dark, I was told that I was about to be pretty.
I need to be pretty. Age and ailments make me feel ancient most days.
She tenderly began to put hairbow after hairbow into my hair. All colors and sizes. All types. Then she stood back and told me, "Mommy, you are beautiful."
That's my heart. She's still walking around outside my body. She has a bit more of an attitude these days. She has her own thoughts and opinions. But she is always my heart and its moments like these that keep that attachment strong.
Turning five is a big deal. She has asked me every single day during September...sometimes twice a day..."Is is my birthday yet?"
This year was a little more low key. We took two friends to Build-a-Bear and built "Rainbow Dash" then had dinner with the grandparents.
Our stuffed animal came complete with tennis shoes, a cape and roller skates thanks to the beautifully decorated examples beside the door to entice young children to whine until they get all the accessories this loaded up pony had. Brilliant really. They even had a least so that you can pull your pony on her roller skates behind you. Yes, of course we have to have that too.
But despite the hit to my wallet (which I was prepared for) and the exhaustion that has ensued from trying to herd chickens....I mean children, it was a magnificent day. Nothing can replace that gasp of surprise when she walked into the living room to find a new big girl bike with balloons attached to it.
Now, I need sleep. But first, pictures.
 Our First Carved Pumpkin
 She's practicing to be a dentist. Her first patient, the overcrowded mouth of Jack.