Sunday, February 14, 2010

Monkey see, little monkey do

Addison is getting to be the best little copy cat around. After a mere 15 months on the planet, she is starting to try and use objects for their intended use. For instance, tonight, she was quite eager to hold the fingernail clippers. After getting them, she promptly sat in the floor, lifted her foot and put the clippers to her toes. She's very foot oriented at this point in time. She tries to put on her socks and shoes as well. And who knew that daddy's big ol' sneakers would be just the right fit for Addison's baby doll? Well she did of course. Many evenings are spent as she puts the baby's feet in daddy's shoes and tries to get those cloghoppers to fit!
She's getting pretty good with a fork and spoon too. I'm not at the point where I let her fly solo during her meals, but she definitely is gaining knowledge about how to maneuver her new tools and actually get the food in her mouth. She knows that a brush is for hair and tries to brush her own....usually to my dismay after I've worked so hard to get those pigtails in place. There have been so many "Aha!" moments for if I'm trying to communicated with a foreigner and I finally figure out what they are trying to say to me. Every day I have these moments where I actually get it! I get the word that she is using for something, like banana to her is "Nah". She consistently calls it "nah" and it took a while to recognize that. To date, she can say the following words: mama, dadda, dog, wow, woof woof, meow, "nah", uh-oh, book, no and sometimes I think she's saying her name in the form of "Adda".
This morning I had another "Aha!" moment:
Mornings are our snuggle times in the Thurman house. Addison always wakes up in the best mood. She is loving and happy as she inundates us with hugs and kisses. This morning she had a small lotion bottle with her as daddy plopped her in our bed for our morning love fest. She would take her lotion bottle and put in on her head. It wasn't until she started doing it to Michael that I understood that she was pretending to put shampoo on her daddy's head..and my head....and her head..and the cat. That really floored me, as I watched her rub the "shampoo" in my husband's hair, that she was already pretending even at this young age.
I am here to tell you that nothing on this planet beats being a mom. It's the most amazing journey and every day a new adventure.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I had snow in my sweet tea today. What a fabulous treat. Truly a southern thing I'm sure.
I passed children on the street with their heads tilted toward the sky and their mouths wide open trying to catch snow. We haven't had snow in Augusta in at least 5 years.
The beautiful blanket of white that covered the landscape in 3 hours is quite a sight to behold. It happens so rarely and totally transforms the way my usual surroundings appear, that I feel transported to another time and another place.
I've seen a lot of walkers out. I have the same desire, to explore, to see...I just have a 15 month-old keeping me here.
But, I look forward to tomorrow when I can bundle her up and stick her in the middle of all that white stuff she keeps saying "wow" to...and watch to see what she thinks of her very first snow.

Monday, February 1, 2010

What's a man to do?

I think men are funny. They're brains work so differently than ours.
I rented a unit to a man last week who was on a mission. He had recently found out that his fiance was pregnant so he was "doing his part by finding a house." I had to laugh to myself. I think men really do think that way. How rude will that awakening be when the baby gets here and he finds out the full extent of HIS PART.

On a different is my 7 year anniversary. Boy, what a trip it's been so far! It seems so quick and yet when I think back to February 1st, 2003, I see a very young and naive little girl walking down that isle. The old adage, "If I knew then what I know now...." sure does apply. I'm sure I would have made the same choices, I'd have just sat myself down for a chat beforehand.
Happy Anniversary Michael! Seven years and counting...