Thursday, October 18, 2012

Little Roo

I jokingly told a friend the other day that if I had 4 more hours in a day, I could probably manage to exercises. Seems like ever since then, I've been waking up at 5 and 6 a.m. I meant 4 EXTRA hours God. Oh well. At least I can blog early.

As turning four quickly approaches, I get tickled at Addison's excitement for her party. When asked when her birthday is, she answers, "Oc-TO-ber, it's the twenty-third."
So cute. Then ensues the sentence that never ends, "And Cheyenne is coming to my party and Ms. April and Carter and they love me all the much and we're going to the park and we're gonna eat cupcakes and we will be so happy."
Did I mention she's a chatterbox?
I opted for the simple birthday; at the park, minimal clean up and maximum space...just in case all the kids we invited actually come. There will be face painting, balloon animals and possibly a snow cone machine. Addison picked out plates with Rapunzel from Tangled on them. Mickey Mouse is scheduled to show up too. It's a hodge podge of things Addison likes and that's all that matters.

I do have to share her latest development: character play. Here's the conversation.
"Mom, I'm little Roo"
"O.k., Hi little Roo."
"And you're big Roo. Big Roo, would you like to come watch a movie with me?"
"Sounds good little Roo. Which movie?"
"Big Roo, let's watch Shrek."
And the conversation went on like that for a while. The sweetest thing is how polite and kind little Roo is. She has manners and asks permission and seems to really enjoy being with big Roo.
I love developmental milestones.
Well, my alarm just went off.............time to get up. :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October is here

It's October 9th. It finally cooled off as of yesterday. My poor mums may now survive without the 90 degree sun beating down on them daily. It's hard to celebrate fall when it's so hot. October has always been my favorite month. There are festivals and fairs; tons to do and see and buy. It's also represented by my favorite precious stone; the opal. Most importantly, it is the month my daughter was born...the most perfect month; the most perfect day; my most perfect child.
Well, of course I don't mean she's "perfect" per se, but she keeps me in constant awe and amazement as she charts her path through this new and exciting life.
A lot has changed between 3 and 4...thank you GOD. There were times when I didn't know if we'd make it this far between the tantrums and the obstinance and the dramatic performances that I should have sold tickets to. Happily, we've crossed a threshold of reason and understanding. I can now talk to her and have a somewhat intelligent conversation. I can ask her opinion of things and she has an opinion to give. It's a huge sigh of relief and a win for our family communication. The most wonderful part of it all, however, is the comedy that ensues when that little mind gets to going. She's big on telling me I hurt her feelings whenever I scold her for not doing something she's been told to do. It's funnier though when she tells on me to her dad and points at her cheek to tell him, "Mommy hurt my feelings, right here." She has this laugh that could literally power my house all year if we lived in Monster Inc. the movie. A beautiful, wonderful laugh that makes my day brighten instantly. With the upcoming Halloween festivities, I've learned that she has a real fear of bugs...especially spiders. But that doesn't stop her from wanting her daddy to chase her through the  house with the big hairy decoration as she squeals and giggles. You know that she loves it because after she's cornered and he retreats, there always the "Chase me again, daddy."
We're in 3 Pre-K this year. So far she's learning the alphabet and had some really great field trips to the pumpkin patch and to the fire station. Little Ms. Chatterbox wouldn't stop about the fire truck's ladder that went up, up, up to the clouds. She was obviously impressed, even though she told me that she would not shake the fireman's hand.
Another achievement this year; we've moved into a big girl bed....and fallen off of it at least 3 times. We can now ride our tricycle without any help. We've retired the car seat and bought a new stylish booster seat with blue flames. We've also started eating things like salads and Korean food; burritos and tacos. It's still a pretty strict diet of PB&J most of the time, but that is always dealer's choice. We are fully potty trained and have mastered our fear of the pool. So much growing has taken place that I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of it. Each age we reach I have liked more than the last...except for 3. So becoming 4 brings with it a sense of relief and peace and a promise that we're gonna do this thing and do it well.
As a nearly 4-year-old, Addison has experienced a fair amount of travel last month during our trip to Vegas and California. After 6 flights, 700 miles in the car, cable cars, train rides, boat rides and the subway, she is a professional transportation expert. Do you remember the first time you flew? I was old, 20 or so, and it was still magical. From a tot's perspective it's even better. She'll notice things I never would or question what she sees and describe it in a way I'd have never thought to say.
Think of my sweet on October 23rd (which she can recite as her birth date for the first time). I know the best is yet to come.