Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fruit Basket

Every Saturday I pick up my phone time I wake up so I can see what developments are happening in my womb this week. Seems a little off that I have to refer to a web page for what's going on inside my own body, but alas I'd never have a clue if it weren't for all of these helpful web pages. So, today, I'm home to 2 kiwi. Last week it was limes. The week before they were prunes. I am just an ever changing fruit basket.
For those women out there who love pregnancy...more power to you. Personally, it's a pretty miserable time from constant sinus issues to problems with nausea and digestion and heartburn. Ugh. And now we've started the hormone headaches. It's just no fun. I live for visits to the doctor where I might hear or see my little ones.
But, we endure because - well, at this point we have to. :) That sounds bad but, if most women knew what they were really in for, they may not choose to have children. And I am totally confident that if child bearing were up to men - the human race would cease to exist.
OK, enough of my whining.
My kiwi's and I will endure one more week and finish out this first trimester where hopefully some of these symptoms will disappear.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Entering Human Kind

Today, I'm 10 weeks along. Today we go from being an embryo to an actual fetus. I'm guessing because the tail is gone and most of the orifices are there, this marks the graduation into the human race.

We had another sonogram at 8 weeks and everything looked wonderful. In fact, Dr. Servy released me to go to my regular OB. I think it's very early compared to Addison. I was sure that I stayed through my first trimester with her, but I'd have to check the records. That was 6 years ago.
I know its early but I am sure that I feel them. Every now and then a tiny little thud in my uterus. I recognize it this time so I'm confident it's not gas. I've spent a great deal of time planning this my mind. I have rooms to ready, not just for the babies, but for Addison. She has to move. I have equipment to get and being on this ride for a second time, I will not be pulled into the trap of all this expensive baby equipment. I am going to be a craigslist guru. Already I've registered on Amazon because everything is so much cheaper there.

On a personal note, I'm still scared to death. I often ask other mothers how they love their other children as opposed to their first. Addison is my world. Sometimes I wonder if there's going to be enough of me to go around. I'm pretty sure that its just like in the story of the Grinch that stole Christmas (strange analogy I know), My heart will just grow two more sizes to accommodate all the love that I will have for these new children. It's an honest concern I think. Maybe one that some mothers don't voice, but I know I'm not having an original thought here.

Addison is still so excited. She is precious each time she kisses my belly. She tells me she loves the babies and that she is excited that they are coming. She melts me and her excitement is part of what makes this bearable. I am not a great pregnant person. I hurt and I ache, a lot. There is never any part of my day where I'm not reminded that I'm pregnant. I am sick a lot with this pregnancy and I hardly ever throw up in normal life. But between my Addison and Michael who literally thanks me daily for doing this for our family, I can bear it all. I try not to think about my skin stretching even more than last time or the fact that I will not sleep at all the last 3 months due to TWO bouncing babies who like to move at night. Nor do I dwell on the post-partum weight loss or the hideousness of my after-twin belly. I just look at my daughter and my husband and think to myself...we are a family. This is my family and for them I would move heaven and earth. As my family grows, as I grow, as my heart grows.....I will find the relief in them.

My main squeeze

I went on my first field trip with Addison. We went to the Maxwell Theatre at GRU to see a really amazing Christmas dance show. I was impressed that something of that caliber was put on here by  a local dance company. Needless to say, the kids were hopping and the music had a beat. Together, it was an amusing mess.
 Lest I ever forget, Addison's first two little friends, Kate and Margaret. I'm not quite sure who the little boy is, but he's a smart the midst of all those beautiful ladies.
 There were lots of long days this Christmas season. They just wore my precious out.
 I am always happy to attend Christmas parties. It's a highlight of the season for me. I love the food and the fun and usually the drinking. Although this year I was totally curbed by my two new additions I'm carrying. It just made for a really really fun night for Michael with his personal driver.
 Yeah. It's a cow bench. But she wanted her picture taken on it. Who am I to argue? Plus she takes such a good photo....even with a cow.
 A more plastered smile with Santa. She's still a firm believer, but just doesn't quite trust these men in red.
 We had a fun and full Christmas with the Jeffcoats. These girls could not get enough of each other. I know each of them wishes she had a sister, so they were literally inseparable. Such an amazing thing to witness.
 It was our first real Christmas tree since we've been married. I loved it despite the falling needles. The smell was glorious and just so much less trouble that pulling out the 9 ft gargantuan fake tree in our attic. I was too tired this year to put up any other decorations besides what you see here. I really hate that we didn't go all out like we usually do with the lights outside, but it was literally impossible. These babies are zapping the life out of me.
And lastly, who needs playground equipment when you have lawn equipment. Just as much fun! Look how happy she is.