Saturday, January 23, 2010

15 Months

It's the 23rd again. That day of the month seems to come more often than I could have ever imagined. Addison is so interesting these days that I need to share and record some of her word there.
She has a few words or signature sounds. Some she's been doing for a while and some are new.
Her reaction to anything blinking or bright, big or tall (including people which can be a bit embarrassing at times) is Wow. She does it several times in a row like, "wow, wow, wow." Large men usually agree with her assessment. Women ignore it and go on about her cuteness.
She calls the kitty Mow Mow. She also "calls" the kitty by rubbing her finger and thumb together. She calls me a daddy like that when she wants us to follow as well.
Dogs, horses, cows...anything on 4 legs is a double grunt a bark. To Addison, they are all dogs. She can say ball, although it sounds the same as "BA!" for her cup.
Amazingly enough, she understands EVERYTHING. If I tell her to go get her doll, she walks right over and picks her up. My favorite part is when she feeds the doll her play bottle.

This week she's learned to tickle. Her dad taught her that. "Tickle mommy Addison...tickle mommy!" The ticklee must always pretend that they are very tickle-ish and laugh accordingly of course. It's funny though, sometimes she decides to tickle on her own without prompting. Those little moments are subtle and hard to catch if you're not careful.

She's gotten really good at "uh-oh". She pulls her socks off and throws them on the floor - uh-oh; she hurls her cup across the kitchen, uh-oh.

She is the queen of funny looks. Strangers are usually the victim of her - over the glasses- look she casts. Although during a stare down, she rotates through that one and closing her eyes while raising her eyebrows and a big toothy grin with squinty eyes.

Addison is at times very affectionate. She loves to hug you, while patting you and then plants a big, wet, open mouth kiss on the closest available part of your face....over and over. Just remember to beware of the undercover bite that may ensue. The bites sneak up on unsuspecting adults lost in the wonder of receiving love from a charismatic little girl.
Speaking of biting, she has a whole slew of teeth these days. Four top, four bottom and 2 upper molars that have just broken ground. Those mean teeth sure do cause a lot of issues.

Playtime these days is nothing short of academic. Every single thing she does, from helping me with the laundry to playing with her shaped blocks and bucket reveals that little brain growing, changing, and figuring out each and every challenge. For example, while doing laundry one day, I told Addison to put her dirty clothes into the basket. The clothes were strewn all over the room (by her of course), so one by one she would pick up an item and walk it across the room to the basket. I praised her continually with each item. I was most impressed when she picked up one sock and started her trek again...and then she stopped, turned around and picked up another sock in the other hand....and then finished her trip to the basket. I was IMPRESSED that she realized she could maximize her time and energy by carrying 2 items. I have employees that haven't figured that out to this day!

Addison is going to be a good mountain climber one day. Do they have baby climber classes? She can scale our stairs in a matter of minutes and even faster if I'm behind her telling her not to. We've had to install gates at the top and bottom of the staircase now to protect her from herself.

So, at 15 months I am in awe of my baby every single day.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The power of Family

In 1996 Hillary Clinton wrote a book, "It takes a Village." She was referring to raising children and society's role in meeting all of children's needs...outside the home. At first glance it's such an obvious statement. Of course it takes a village. But each day of being an actual mother leads me to a deeper understanding of what a "village" really consists of.
Addison has one set of Grandparents in the whole wide world. My husband's parents died far too young leaving him motherless and fatherless earlier than most. It's still an injustice that plagues him to this day. Life marches on.
As with most things, you work with what you're given. So, in addition to her one set of Grandparents, Addison has one Great-Grandma. I'm not sure how to convey the literal glee that happens when my daughter gets together with her 2 grandmas. I was sure growing up that my mother and grandmother loved me, but I am also sure that their love for Addison has reached a new and improved height.
I am fortunate that these women care so deeply for my child.
It was truly evident this past week. For the new year, my husband and I got brand new shiny viruses! My temps hovered around 101 while his virus took a different turn leaving him vomiting for nearly 8 hours. We were beaten. It was all I could do to get Addison from her crib, drag us all downstairs and call my saviours....the Grandmas.
My mother promptly picked up the baby and whisked her away to Grandma-land where between the two of them (my mother works during the day), they cared for my child day and night for 2 days.
I never worried about her, I never wondered if her best interests were in mind, if she was being fed properly. I never once feared for her safety or that she was being exposed to something distasteful.

So, I don't believe I'm on board with the village concept. I could hire a nanny. I could enlist a daycare for services. These are tools that I use everyday to CARE for my child, but none of these will always have my child's best interest in mind. None of them should ever be responsible for raising my child. It's a family that makes a difference to a child....because they love her. And love is the key.

A Shout Out

This blog was born nearly 2 years ago. I started it as I began fertility and have turned it into my own little voice amongst the masses. Because I am not extremely technically savvy, I don't know how to track who reads it. I know my friends read it. My family members do as well. But a couple of posts ago, I was tickled to see a comment from "Leanne in Washington". I have no idea of who Leanne is, but it is astounding to me that she has found my little pinpoint of a blog in this sea of internet traffic. I have a new friend in Washington named Leanne that I will continue to share this journey through life with her for as long as she tunes in...and I am honored and humbled all at the same time. So, this blog is to all the unseen readers who I'll never know and never meet. Thank you. It's nice to know you're listening.