Thursday, January 8, 2015

5 month milestones

There's so many little changes taking place with the boys that I am afraid I'm going to miss documenting them.
The boys started mother's day out this week.  They were a hit.  Seems they are dubbed very sweet and good babies.
Little Alex has the prettiest eyelashes I've ever seen on a boy.  He is just precious all the time.  He doesn't smile as easily as Will but when he does.. Its genuine.  He has two bottom teeth now.  My little drool monster. He flaps his arms when he sees me.. Or when he gets excited. He's also learned to turn over onto his stomach.  Now if he can only learn to flip back over onto his back.  The fact that he can't just freaks him out and he screams uncontrollably.
Will is Mr.  Friendly to all.  He laughs a lot. In fact I sat the boys in their bumbo chairs facing each other the other day and when Alex sneezed,  Will laughed hysterically.  Then he'd cough and Will would laugh again.  It  was really the cutest thing ever. Will is getting very good with his hands.  His dexterity is improving by the day.  He has even started reaching for me when I come near.  His greatest feat involves.... His feet.. Lol.  He is so flexible that he can pull his feet up to his mouth and suck on his toes.  He loves his toes! 
He is a great nuzzler. My little snuggle bear who never laughs so hard as when you throw him in the air. What makes parents throw their children in the air? It absolutely ridiculous and yet we all do it.
Addison,  just today,  is able to read an entire story about a fat cat.  I'm so proud of her.  The evolution this year of her learning skills is astounding to me... To see that little brain start to really understand things. She is so tall these days that she hits me mid breast.  Where is my baby going? She disappears by the day.
We were given an amazing swing set by some friends,  we only had to relocate it.  That was a job in itself. But daddy did very well in coordinating it all and getting his girl the best swingset she'd ever seen that wasn't a public playground.
We are starting the year a little more on schedule,  slightly more organized,  getting to bed a lot earlier and eyes full of possibilities for the future... Not just ours but the futures of our three amazing children.