Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bouncing Baby Girl

Addison is very active... all the time. I love it! She's got both hands and feet going lately. I've made progress on the nursery today. I found the paper lanterns that I want to make into hot air balloons. I've went to 5 stores just this afternoon and managed to find three lanterns. I have a product recommendation also today. Tums Smoothies. They are the only way I survive the severe heartburn that plagues me day and night since day one. It is almost unbearable at times. I am convinced that Addison will have a head full of hair....or so I'm told by the tellers of wives tales. Have I mentioned lately that she's going to be absolutely amazing!! For those who know I'm somewhat craftly.....Addison will be the best thing I've ever made.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dark Knight

Went to see the new Batman movie this past weekend. I don't know if Addison liked the music or not. I do know that she was very aware of it however. She tumbled and moved and kicked for nearly 45 minutes! By the end of the movie, I was sweating like a pig...that girl can generate some heat! Good news on progress of the crib assembly...we have the screws (almost). We found the 4 we needed, only to discover that the last 4 were missing as well. We will get this thing together one day.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Belly bloopers

24 weeks and counting. I am just starting month 6 and the last portion of my 2nd trimester. Evidence of my growing belly is manifesting itself in more and more ways everyday. For instance, while riding down the road yesterday, Michael had to step on the brakes abrubptly. That motion sent my bottle of water flying into the floorboard. It was rather comical as I strained and stretched to try and retrieve the bottle as it soaked my papers and floormat. I could never actually reach the bottle and by the end of the bottle, pretty much everything was wet. I just had to laugh though. There was no way to reach it..none.

It is also a murphy's law that if you cannot bend down easily absolutely everything will end up on the floor. From laundry to keys to your purse emptying out in the floorboard to the simple, "I dropped the soap...AGAIN."

I think it's safe to say that we've decided on a name. I let Michael be the one to make the final decision, although it was our first choice. It seems imperative to call her by her name now that she can actually hear. So our baby girl will be called Addison Delaine.

It's Saturday and there's a Birth Day marathon on Discovery Health. I'm writing this blog between tears as I watch delivery after delivery. Why do pregnant moms do this? Subjecting themselves to constant emotional stimulation. Although the same thing happened this past week as Michael and I toured the hospital's OB unit. Tears welled up at every turn. So I guess it's just all in the hormones.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's all in a rainbow

This evening we had nice little thunderstorm and afterwards I went out side to let the dog out. There was a really beautiful rainbow and not just a part of it. It was the entire rainbow. I could almost see the pot of gold! LOL Which prompted me to call Michael out to see and then sparked a theological debate of all things...on whether rainbows existed before Noah and the flood.

I'm sure many of you have opinions/beliefs on the subject and that is not what I want to get into. What I did realize is that we have really got to get our story straight. There are so many things that you don't really realize that you need to get resolved until there's a baby on the way. Now that's a lot of pressure. So our journey gets even more complicated as the D-Date approaches. We are 23 weeks now. Baby girl is kicking up a storm. We actually started working on the nursery this weekend and thanks to our friend William, we successfully rearranged 3 rooms of furniture to accomodate the upcoming Thurman. :)