Monday, January 23, 2017

Post Holiday Dribble

You can tell that the holidays have hit. Neglectful to my baby blog.
So here's some updates on my life.
Being 40 sucks in that the evolution of my body since hitting that age seems to be nothing short of a downward spiral. And when I say downward spiral I'm referring mostly to my boobs. Luckily one doesnt lose their winning personality so quickly so I  live on able to joke about my impending disfigurement. I'm pretty sure if I were king of the world tummy tucks and boob jobs would be included on every insurance plan after 40....for the preservation of mental health. I'm sure there's a precedent to be made there...somehow.
What fun was that? Seriously, the best Christmas we've had here in Thurman Manor. Since we are coming put of the baby stage, I can truly confess that many times lately I've thought..twins are great. They always keep each other occupied which is NICE. They learn sharing naturally..or I learn the art of dispersing disputes.  We've recently had to eliminate all wooden puzzles from our lives for fear of toddler concussions.
My dear little William. He has a temper. My naturally snuggly and loving child can flip on a dime to be the demon possessed tiny Godzilla wreaking havoc on all toys and siblings and plates of food in his way. Maybe its the hair...he has a ton of hair..maybe that's what makes him so "passionate" about things. That and the fact he is his sister's literal twin. Those two coined being moody. Addison is 8 and on more than one occasion I've  found her crying in her room, multiples times in one day, for no reason at all. You are 8! This crap shouldn't start until puberty! She's a drama queen too.  Ugh..the teen years we shall have.
At least she's not in the "no" stage. That is William's answer for everything.  everything.  Everything.
Good thing hes so cute.
Now I don't have a favorite kid. I don't. I love them all so much it hurts. But if you as a parent say that you don't like or prefer one kid over another at some time, you're a liar.
Presently Alex is my little angel. He is the least selfish of the bunch. He is kind and shares often. He is the premiere talker..or mocker these days and even though neither of my boys have found it useful to actually speak English yet, he at least tries. In fact, I was recently in the bathroom and I hear what sounds like "mommyyyyyy, where are you?" If was more like "mommmyyyy ere ah oooo?" But I got it. I felt like I cracked the Davinci code or something...I understood what he was saying!!
So happy that we are finally getting there. We are behind all the singletons in our class in the verbal skills...but I Think that's normal for twins.
Alex is a doer...he's a Republican. If he wants something he will find a way to climb and get it and bring it to you. Sometimes that part is very impressive. Sometimes..its scary. 
My other two are clearly democrats who will stand in the middle of the room whining until something is done for them.  I know, I know...stepping on some toes with those analogies but I see what i see.
That pioneer spirit...that's my favorite thing about Alex currently. And he's got an amazing smile.
Christmas, like i said, was amazing. This was Addison's biggest belief year yet. Magic happened at our house and it was so cool to watch her see it. Kids make Christmas. Period.