Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014

Their outfits say it well... "best gift ever!". Had a great Christmas and at 5 months the boys just held their own bottle for the entire meal. Praise Jesus! Their independence means mommy will have  more energy.
Addison was so funny because every gift she opened was,  "I always wanted this mom!" even if she didn't know what it was. The magic was real this year as she was in awe of her cookies being eaten and the stocking filled to the brim. It's worth all the trouble and work to keep the magic alive.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Look outside yourself

I walked into the dentist office today.  Time for a cleaning.  Her chirpy little voice sang that I could come on back.  I looked up to see my hygienist.  She was wearing a peacock blue hat with rhinestones. I'd never seen her in a hat before.  Midway through my compliment on her hat I remembered why she was wearing it.  From the back you could tell she was completely bald.  Chemo and radiation therapy. I remembered then what had flown my mind over the last 6 months since I saw her,  that she had been diagnosed with cancer. 
We all have problems.  Today I was wallowing in mine.  I had cried and felt sorry for myself.  And then I saw that blue hat.  A reminder that everyone has problems.  Everyone has a reason to cry. Whatever is going on in my small little world... Others face trials too... Sometimes impossible mountains.
Suddenly like a switch was flipped,  I can see that I really need to get up out of the mud hole I've made.  Not that I don't have the right or reason to be upset,  just that.... We've all got stuff. 
Sitting in Costco today without the twins,  I am invisible.  With them I cannot go anywhere without being noticed but I can quietly spy.  I can listen.  I can get a peek into snippets of life. There are many well wishers.. The season is upon us.  In fact everyone seems joyful. There are, however,  some more people in blue hats that I just can't see.  I'm sure of it.  There's no telling who is smiling through their pain. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Catch up

Its been a while.  But I'm not going to be hard on myself.  I am raising twins and a kindergartner now. Days just seem to click away and here we are already at Christmas.
We all survived a tummy bug last month.  Even the babies got it.  Sad, sad  little guys when they're sick. Addison exclaimed that she hated throwing up.  She's never used that word before to describe anything.  She had a right to that night. 
We spent a weekend at Stone Mountain,  out first overnight away from the boys.  Grandma and Papa said they were great and I sure did enjoy the break. Four and a half months straight of around-the-clock care for 2 infants- I needed it.
Then,  Aunt Gina and Uncle Robert kept them this month for a night for their second spend the night in a matter of weeks.  I hope they continue to be good so people want to keep them.. Lol.
The up side to staying at home with the boys is that I know my sons.  I know what calms them,  what they're crying about,  how to hold them... Everything.  And it feels so good.  The down side,  however,  is the feeling like I've lost all conversation skills with adults.  Maybe it's just because I spend most of my days listening for needs.  It's lonely and it's void of any fun topics unless Addison comes home with a doozie from school... Which she most certainly does.  My biggest regret is that I haven't been inspired to write any human interest pieces in  along while.  I need some inspiration!
Some weeks I manage to cram in 5-10 hours at the office too,  but that's maxing out this mama's schedule.  Christmas decorating was at a minimum this year.  I need more help and energy but I managed two topiary trees,  2 wreaths,  2 light-up porch reindeer guarding the walkway and some big ornaments hanging from the porch. Oh,  and the tree and stockings of course. Stockings... We have FIVE this year. Wow what a difference a year can make!
Addison is starting to read. This is really exciting for me to see her brain grasping these words and numbers and sequences. The other night we tag-teamed reading a book.  She would read the words she knew it and I would read all the rest. I can't wait until she starts reading to me!
Since sleep is my constant best friend these days,  I will head on to bed.