Monday, April 30, 2012

The Beach with the Dukes

Beach Weekend With the Dukes

 Don't turn around too long or Addison starts making it a "nude" beach.
At least she had a towel!

 Cadi, Rose, Michael and Addison

 Cutest little surfer dude

 Cadi is a talented hula-hooper!

Date Night

We were all dressed up for a formal event. The fact that we matched caused giggles from neighbors who thought we were going to prom. Ha!

Easter 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

In a foreign land

I ventured into a Mexican buffet for lunch today. It was a celebratory meal for passing my real estate broker test. What I walked into was a little confusing as I opened the door to find a grocery store. Well, the sign did say "authentic Mexican food." As I waited to be seated eyes from all over the room came to rest on me. I began to feel a little uncomfortable. My body tensed. I felt self-conscious. I asked the waitress if I could sit anywhere...she just looked at me blankly. Finally an English-speaking man came and seated me. He followed me to the buffet where he explained all of the strange-looking foods steaming on the bar. I appreciated his effort to include me and make me feel comfortable. It made me realize that this is probably how a Mexican feels walking into a Ruby Tuesdays or an Applebees. They are not familiar with the cuisine. No one speaks their language. We all stare. I'm sure they feel uncomfortable and tense as well. In the least, for whatever reason they are here, from now on when I see a tan-skinned family with their little black-haired children in a place where they are the minority, I'll remember how it felt to be the outsider and try and be the friendly one who helps them out.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

I love this "Super Star!" pose.

To be a Girl

Addison is all girl. From the love of shoes and dresses and bows to the necessity and ability to sit through a manicure and pedicure at the age of 3. She was even more excited when the lady gave her sparkles on her polish.

The whole process must have worn her out because this is were I found her in Kohl's. At least she's got good taste in bedding!