Tuesday, October 25, 2011

night time prayer

We ended our night with a prayer as usual. I had to laugh, however, at how Addison ended it. "And thank you for the big TV. The End."
Hahaha! Don't you mean, "Amen?"

Monday, October 24, 2011


Today we dressed up like princesses with tiaras and all. It was Addison's 3rd birthday. The look on her face as she looked at herself in the mirror was absolutly priceless. We had a leisurely time at home, like most princesses do, and ended our day with a celebration complete with a princess cake. I wish I could convey the excitement she had while shouting to our guests that, "It's my birfday. I'm free! I'm a princess!"

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A tale of two houses

What do you take for granted?
For the Thurman's this month, we discovered that we really took Michael's back for granted. After having a surgery 4 years ago, we thought he was pretty much cured...until about 3 weeks ago. Out of nowhere, his back goes out, by the next week he's having surgery and by the next week, he is back in the hospital with problems for a 4 day stay.
His back is why we reside in side-by-side houses for the time being. We have a small house next to ours that we converted into a little 2 bedroom guest house. It's cozy and quaint and best of all, it's one story. So to deal with an injured back, we have housed Michael in the single level dwelling for now. Addison and I spend the night over there sometimes, but we are slowly returning to what Addison calls, "the big house" or "Mommy's house." She's gonna be so confused when daddy moves back in.

Ok, more Addisonisms: Whenever you ask her something that she's agreeable with, you will hear a short and simple, "Shore." I'm still trying to discover where she learned this response instead of a simple, "yes", but it cracks me up every time she says it.
Then there's her renditions of at least 2 songs involving monkeys. In one song their in a tree teasing an alligator and in the next, their jumping on the bed and bumping heads. Whatever the monkeys are doing, Addison knows the words and the motions and is just as cute as she wants to be! Last week she came home with another chant about going on a bear hunt. She learns so much in mother's day out. Most impressive is that she will ask me what a color is in Spanish...and then promptly tell me the answer. I know for a fact she's got red and orange down pat. She's a sponge. A 36", 36 lb super absorbent sponge. By the way, I think it's cool that she weighs as much as she is tall...which is very tall by the way. My gigantic toddler rules!