Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It's as if you've taken a picture. For a brief second - a flash of light, and you have captured the essence of a moment. Today I passed a woman sitting at a red light. Her face was tensed and worried. She stared into nothing, into something as she waited. It's a perk of driving. No one will see you for long and if they do, well, they can't catch you..except for a moment.
Sometimes that brief picture is funny. Did you really catch that woman picking her nose?
Sometimes it's anger. A look, a snarling lip, a hateful gesture.
Sometimes it's pain. I've shed many a tear while alone, driving in the car and I've caught a few others in the act as well. That one is hard to witness because the essence of that moment effects you, evokes sympathy and strokes the imagination as you wonder why that person is in pain.
There are plenty of happy scenes: my favorite is a singing motorist. It is a complete picture of someone living a moment unburdened, smile on their face, lyrics tripping over their tongue as they rock it out as if they were on a stage for thousands. Oh just a peak, a glimpse into the chasm of human emotion..especially when they think they're alone.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Another day in the life

Let me recap the end of March/beginning of April for you.
Passed Broker's test after 2 1/2 months of night and weekend classes.
Have frozen embryos transferred.
Dad has hernia surgery #1.
Dad has 2nd surgery to remove hematoma caused by surgery #1.
Mom falls and breaks foot in 3 places day before dad comes home.
Both parents, same hospital, different floors.
Mom has surgery for broken foot.
Dad goes home from hospital with a drain.
Mom goes home from hospital.
Tax spreadsheets are due at the tax man. (This is a huge ordeal for me every year...ask my tax man.)
Find out that pregnancy test is negative.
Dad is readmitted to hospital and has 3rd surgery in 3 weeks. He's given a drain and a vacuum pump and no sutures or staples, just a big elastic band to hold together the hole in his belly.
Big storm hits. Retaining wall at Hickman Road washes away.
Big storm hits again. Tree falls and destroys one side of a 3 bedroom duplex.
Firetruck today, ambulance too at one of my properties. When I investigate why, I get to see the paramedics feverishly trying to save a dying girl. A terrible sight, her lifeless and blue with people pushing on her chest harder than I ever imagined.
Michael falls through a ceiling.
I go to pick up dad's prescription from the pharmacy and they've lost 4 scripts. I wait for 2 hours, on a Friday night.

I will write a book one day on all of my "adventures". This month in my life will take up a chapter or two, but I have enough material already for volumes. But tomorrow - tomorrow I would like for nothing to happen. I want to sit in my room and stare at a wall and think about nothing and answer no calls and run to no emergencies. Tomorrow, I want something fun to happen and I want to laugh out loud...for an hour. Tomorrow, I'd like to get off this boat I've been riding and stand on dry, stable land for the the first time in nearly 5 weeks.