Tuesday, August 14, 2012


My first blanket

Now that I've given this gift to my beautiful cousin Emily, I can share it!
I made this blanket, my first, using Addison's receiving blankets. I embroidered each panel with precious little pictures I spent hours looking for. I even had to go online to learn how to do the silky binding around the edge. I think it turned out beautifully. Not perfect mind you, but beautiful. Who wants perfect presents anyways?
Thanks to my kin in Columbia who inspired this blanket because they made one for Addison when she was born and it has always been a treasure to me.

Sheer joy

I adore this photo.
My child is in love with dogs and the look on her face is sheer and utter joy at holding this puppy.
It's not a cheesy smile. It's genuine.
I think is shows her soul. The same little soul who after pitching a fit, walks over to me to say, "I'm sorry for being mad, mommy." And gives me a hug.
This little face....on my almost 4 year-old, is the joy in my life.