Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Killed by a Dead Person

There is great irony in so many situations. For instance, when you open up your hall closet, only to be bombarded with the contents from the top (now broken) shelf. That is not ironic. That is just funny...and maddening when it's 10:30 p.m. No, the irony comes when you look up to shield yourself from the falling pumpkins and plate chargers and place mats and Easter-egg coloring kits, just in time to catch and keep your father-in-law from knocking you senseless. You see, he was cremated. We keep him in the closet. I think he resents us for that. He is very heavy for a container of ashes..very heavy. Wouldn't it be the funniest of ironies to be killed, by a blow to the head, from a dead person.


Have you ever thought of how many people it actually takes to help you run your life?
Today I left my house, occupied by my cleaning lady, to drop off my child at MDO so that I could do floor duty at Blanchard and Calhoun, all the while checking in with my rental office to check with my office staff to make sure things were on track. Already, by 10 a.m. on a Wednesday, I had to have 4 people to help me make this life of mine possible.... and that's just the beginning.
I think back to my mother who didn't even have a car when we were younger. She was stuck at home without transportation with the children and all the chores. I suppose it evens out She's quite proud that I was potty trained by 2 and yet my daughter won't even consider the option at 27 months old. I'm quite proud any night of the week where I have enough energy to stay in at home and cook/eat dinner.
I figure that by the end of the day, from the cleaning lady to the chef who will cook my dinner, I'll have needed at least a dozen people to function. And I'm thankful for every one:
For G-mama who watches Addison on Fridays and holidays when school is out.
For Mom who keeps her almost every other weekend.
For the lady's at the United House of Prayer who ensure that at least once a week, my husband gets a home-cooked meal with vegetable and all.
For the employees who are fixing my broken vanity stool and cleaning up after a teething puppy in the back yard and who fixed that clogged up drain so we didn't have to.
For the fast food employees on Walton Way and every waiter at Hibachi. I am full because of you.
For the wonderful men at Pratt Dudley who can find whatever it is you need.
So many people help me run this race....this life was brought to you by the generous contributions of viewers like you.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snow pics

We have been without a computer for a few weeks so I am finally getting around to posting snow pics. Addison could hardly move in her snow suite...a yard sale buy from nearly 11/2 years ago. Who knew we'd get to use it so soon. She had a blast.
 Can you see how happy that face is?


Monday, January 10, 2011

THE snow

It's January 9th..well, now it's the 10th technically, and we have snow on the ground in Georgia for the second time in 3 weeks. The first on Christmas day was an unheard of event since the late 1800s. This second appearance of snow is surely another rarity. I love Georgia snow. Everything closes, the streets are quiet. The appearance of our world is transformed, but only for a few days. It's all us southerners could handle I think...a day or two of snow. That is, in fact, why we live here and endure the humidity that can only be rivaled by the Amazon jungle...because we don't like snow.
Over the past few weeks in the news we heard about 100,000 blackbirds dead in Arkansas and again that same week, thousands of dead fish washing ashore in that same state. The Carolina's reported thousands of jellyfish found dead on their shores as well. It's Apocalyptic to some folks I'm sure. It's Global Warming to others. I'm kinda sticking with the theory that @?&$ happens. I plan on enjoying my snow day tomorrow since school is cancelled. I'm on day 4 with my new pair of perfect eyes so I should really enjoy the sunrise tomorrow. Pretty snow and 20/20 vision!