Monday, September 12, 2011

The Last Days of Summer

It's September and there's a hint of fall in the air. Overnight, the roasting temps of the summer came to a halt and the breeze was cooler, the air lighter and the nights a wee bit chilly. Here in Georgia, there is no Spring or Fall. We have 2 seasons, Winter and Summer. Just as soon as one is over, the other begins. It would be nice to have a longer warming up or cooling off period, but you get what you get here.
We were able to take the weekend off and go to the beach for one last summer hurrah. It was so relieving to see that Addison wasn't afraid of the water anymore. She jumped waves, sat in the surf, chased the sea gulls and ran from scary hermit crabs. She played with dogs who could swim and fetch and of course there's the sand. She dripped it on the hermit crabs and all over her legs. She covered mine as well. It's some fun and amazing stuff that drippy beach sand. She had an absolute ball.
Before I post pictures I do have to add an Addisonism that happened during our nightly bedtime routine. The room was dark except for her nightlights. She reached over and turned on her lamp. Then with a surprised look on her face she said..." The dark is not so dark Mommy. Turn the dark on!" So, I switched her lamp off and she rolled over and went to sleep. I don't think I could come up with this stuff if I tried.

Daisy's Friends

I came home the other day to 3 dogs in my back yard. Thing is, I only have one dog. I immediatly called Michael to see why he had brought home two puppies. I was a little irate. He assured me that he did not. So, further investigation revealed that there was a hole in the fence and our backyard neighbor's puppies fit through just perfectly. I was amused today to come home and see that Daisy's visitor's had returned and the three of them were frolicking in the back yard. I keep waiting for the owners to come looking for them, but they never do. Just as quickly as the puppies appear, they disappear. Back through the broken fence board. Soon they will be too big to squeeze through. Soon, their playful visits would have to stop anyways because they are pit-bull puppies. Not exactly the dog of choice to be around my 2 year-old. It's amusing though, to have these magical puppies appear and disappear. The only loss, a little food and water, the happy Daisy.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

She dressed herself

 If you look close, you can tell that she's wearing 1/2 of a Snow White costume.
But the best part....was the HAIR!