Friday, October 24, 2014

The Princess is 6

I've avoided this place for 6 years but who can resist the birthday request of our only princess? So,  we partied down with Chucky Cheese and two of Addison' best friends. She really doing amazing in school and so excited to learn.  I wish that enthusiasm would last.  I know she'll be reading simple sentences by Christmas. As far as big Sisters go,  she is the best.  I haven't seen many sisters love their tiny siblings quite as much or want to be around them as much as she does.  She actually gets upset with me if I pick her up from school without them.  Her adjustment however to real school and a complete life change has proved to be a bit of a struggle both emotionally and physically.  At 5 we were all of a sudden having accidents at school. My little helper can also have a dark side and pitch many a tantrum.  Hopefully all the wrinkles of our new and improved life will iron out soon.  She still is,  however,  and always will be.... My #1 baby.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Smiles all Around

At any given moment, you can walk into my house these days and completely expect to see babies being tortured. The cries abound. That's what I've learned so far with let 'em cry. With Addison any peep was the beacon for me to run to the rescue. There were very few times when I left her to scream her little heart out.
Not so with the boys. Not because I'm mean...but because I am only one. One lap, one set of hands, one usable shoulder at a time, one mouth to use to whisper sweet words of comfort. Most days they stagger the hunger, the diapers, the tummy trouble. Most days. There are those times when my little sirens go off simultaneously and all I can do is pick. I become "Master Triage Mom" as I attend to the most egregious complaints first. Hunger trumps diaper....diaper trumps tummy ache...tummy ache trumps boredom...etc.

However, at just over a month old, my little angels have learned to smile. In-between the screams and the wails, there is this peace. They actually see my face and look into my eyes. They study my lips and my hair flopping around...and they smile. My reward. My delight each day. And all the screams become tolerable once again because somewhere in there, the clouds will part, the sun will shine and Will and Alex will smile at me.

My Kindergartner

Amid all the excitement of having new babies and mommy not being home for a long time, Addison also started Kindergarten. This new routine of daddy really helping out in the mornings by getting her ready and taking her to school has been a pleasant change for all involved. After a sleepless night, I get to stay in the bed a little later. In exchange, daddy and daughter get some quality talk time on the way to school.

We did receive our first progress report yesterday. She is doing well with everything except she's a daydreamer. Sounds like my progress report when I was her age.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Chapter 3

This was the end of Chapter 2, although we didn't know it at the time.
Seven in the morning on July 18th, I woke up to my princess chirping about wanting to watch "All Dogs go to Heaven". Her TV wasn't tuned to the right channel, Michael was zonked out still and so I heaved myself out of the bed and waddled to her room. I don't know if I ever really did get the channel right because about then I noticed I was peeing on myself...except that I wasn't - I didn't think. A towel was laying on Addison's bed so I threw it on the floor to mop the mess and then used it to Swiffer down the hall.
Standing there looking at Michael was entertaining because I knew what I was about to wake him up with and I felt sorta giggly about it all. "Michael? Are you ready to have babies today?"
He stirred with a grunt or two and then a 'huh'. "My water just broke."
"What? Are you sure?!" He was up now.
"Yes, I'm pretty sure." He caught a glimpse of the constant stream of water running onto the towel.
"Yeah...that looks like. Wow, I'm awake."
And this is how Chapter Three begins.
I laughed to myself at the different priorities of he and I in this situation. Not that either one is right or wrong, but I spent my time dressing my daughter, showering and getting ready. He spent his time running around doing other things...still not quite sure what. 
We showed up to the ER at the hospital where I told the lady at the window that my water just broke and I was pregnant with twins. She got excited. I'm used to people getting excited at the word "twins". It's a funny phenomenon. So there I was getting whisked away to L&;D upstairs. 
It was a sorta Twilight Zone experience. I was the only one in there. It was now 8:00 a.m. on a Friday and I'm it....alone in my little stall. The only one having a baby. 
After a long morning, my first experience with contractions and a painful Epidural, we finally headed to the OR around 1p.m. The nurse told me I had skinny legs. I guess looking at the size of the rest of me, it was amusing. Thirty-five minutes later Alex came into this world crying. As they pulled him out, it was a huge relief to every other organ in my body. He weighed in at 5lbs 2 oz. and even at his size, it was pure bliss to get him out of there. Next came William..7lbs 1 oz. .....and then I woke up in recovery.
Apparently William had trouble breathing and there was some other work that needed to be done. My epidural was only half effective anyways, so they put me out all the way. 
The boys ended up being fine and Michael got to carry them both into the well-baby nursery. I had done it..I had birthed healthy twins at 38 years old. We had beat the NICU and made it exactly to 37 weeks. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

35 weeks

This is my belly.. Almost touching the steering wheel.  I may have to stop driving  or grow longer arms.