Monday, July 4, 2016

My monkeys

I love these kids to death. They are so much life and excitement on a constant basis. Yes. I get annoyed and tired. Don't think we're the Brady bunch. But I made some awesome little humans. Alex is a freaking Explorer junkie. He could care less if I'm behind him.  Scary for me..thrilling for him. He is such a sweetheart though. He still communicates through pointing and grunting mostly but he's very clear about what he wants. He cracks me up the most because if he wants something to eat he will find a way to get to it. He's a very determined little guy.  William is saying more and more words. He's good at mimiking. He has changed the one word that I had decifered from his own invented language of kekah...which was kee kee..which sounds more like our word for monkey. He repeats thank you and is the king of saying goodbye. He makes a grand exit everywhere we leave. He is also the most likely to hug a stranger. My little lover.

Addison seems to have matured quite a bit this summer. She is easier to talk to and reason with.  I am pretty sure after her 13 days at camp Winshape this summer she will have grown even more. She is going to a new school in a month..a harder school, so I'm hoping this will help with the adjustment.  She's turning out to be quite the little singer too. Quiver in her voice and all. I didn't teach her that. I'm just so happy she can do pretty much everything for herself, although she likes mommy to help for posterity sake. 

Sidebar..July 4th 2016
Addison got her ears pierced today and they look Fabulous.

Boy is it hot

This summer has been a scorcher. We made it to the condo for a week this year just me and the boys. Had my mom there a day and a friend come down a day but mostly I just spent good quality time with my little men.


Yep. I turned 40. I'm old. Spent the weekend in ATL doing some really fun things like a Segway tour and a murder mystery dinner theatre. Let's move on now..nothing to see here.