Sunday, February 23, 2014

The difference two can make

Week 16 here at Thurman Manor. I am actually calling myself that since I house 2 family members plus myself. I am hoping that these days I just don't look like I feel. Yep, still puking. Although I had a hiatus.
I wanted to document the differences between a single pregnancy and twins for a second:
1. Stuffy nose. With one child, I was forever stuffy, hard to breathe, just needed air. With two children, I sneeze 20 times a day, my nose burns, I have frequent nosebleeds and when I blow my nose, it looks as if someone was murdered. (gross I know, but I'm documenting!)
2. Headaches. With one child, I had occasional headaches. I thought they were pretty severe at the time. With two, I have 3-4 headaches a day. I've learned to just live with it, taking Tylenol when I can. Oh how I miss Ibuprofen.
3. Sleeping. Depends on the day at this point. Early on I would wake up at 3a.m. and never go back to sleep. Right now, I can sleep through the night if I don't get woken up. If I do, you can kiss sleep goodbye. Positions at 16 weeks are starting to get uncomfortable. Sleeping on my back is getting harder as my 4.5 inch babes sit on my bladder at night. They also have some weight on each side so I'm turning like a rotisserie chicken most nights.
4. Winded. I don't remember how winded I got with one, but with two, I can make it up to step 10 out of 13 at my house. At that point, I sometimes need a break. Already I'm dreading the months to come and the awful realization that I forgot something upstairs.
5. Memory. Its pretty much gone already. So sad. I have a standard excuse...I have two babies sucking out my brain cells this time. All I can do is apologize and move on.

I'm feeling anxious at this point because I have not heard or seen my children in about 2.5 months. The doc puts a microphone on my belly and finds one heartbeat...and that's good enough for him. I'm wondering if the kid on the left knows they're getting left out. I'm also wondering if the kid on the left is still there! Looking forward to week 19 when I get to physically see them once more. Funny how spoiled we get with technology. My grandmother tells me how they didn't know much of anything until the baby came out.

Monday, February 3, 2014

13 weeks

It's the last week of my first trimester. The vomiting has not stopped yet. Its not continuous, but it is still there.
I had to share this moment from last night. Addison walked in on my latest visit with the toilet. She seems to be able to hear it from a mile away. It's hard to talk in the midst of that because I nearly pass out each time I start. But inevitably I have to answer the question: "Mommy, what's wrong?!"
Last night's answer was the same...the babies make mommy a little sick.
Her response was just priceless. She ran out of the room. A few moments later she returned with a porcelain doll that had a music box. "It's going to be OK mommy. I will make you feel better."
Then she wound up the music box and let the music soothe me.
It was such a sweet gesture. Followed by the doll kissing me on the cheek as I sat recovering on the bathroom floor.
Definitely my angel baby.

The Snowpocolypse of 2014

Yep...snowed on wednesday...was 70 degrees on Saturday. Georgia. Where you can live all four seasons in one week.

The reveal

This is our facebook photo for our big twin reveal.