Monday, February 3, 2014

13 weeks

It's the last week of my first trimester. The vomiting has not stopped yet. Its not continuous, but it is still there.
I had to share this moment from last night. Addison walked in on my latest visit with the toilet. She seems to be able to hear it from a mile away. It's hard to talk in the midst of that because I nearly pass out each time I start. But inevitably I have to answer the question: "Mommy, what's wrong?!"
Last night's answer was the same...the babies make mommy a little sick.
Her response was just priceless. She ran out of the room. A few moments later she returned with a porcelain doll that had a music box. "It's going to be OK mommy. I will make you feel better."
Then she wound up the music box and let the music soothe me.
It was such a sweet gesture. Followed by the doll kissing me on the cheek as I sat recovering on the bathroom floor.
Definitely my angel baby.


Shannon said...

Very sweet. And congratulations!! I didn't know you were expecting again! So happy for you guys!!

an muti said...
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