Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Boys: n.- noise with dirt on it

It's 20 weeks. The halfway point.
We are expecting boys...2 of one time! Slightly even more overwhelming because they are a species I've not yet raised. I'm hoping they are easier.
I am actually tickled pink....or blue rather. The thought of two little buddies, a room with bunk beds, and the fact that I hear little boys really love their mommies; it just gets me nearly giddy.
The downside....I have so many girl things and everything is pink. I get to start over without a lick of clothing and two little bodies to prepare for. They are fraternal twins so I'm not trapped by the necessity of dressing them alike, but I would like to a little. Just for fun.
Now my imagination is running wild trying to think of what they'll look like.
We had our first sonogram since week 8. An actual eternity. I asked Michael, what if there weren't two anymore. I hadn't felt much movement and the worry of not knowing was eating at me. Of course his response was something to the effect of it not being so bad if there was just one.       Men.
According to the technician, they were just perfect. Weighing in at 12 and 13 oz., they are running neck in neck. They have separate placentas in totally different places and are situation opposite of each other...kinda like a yin and yang. My guesses are they will be that way personality-wise too. Although after 9 months of kicking each other in the head, they may be a little ticked at each other.
Here are our pics. Baby A is on the bottom because he's closest to the exit and baby B is on top. Unfortunately they were shy about showing their faces and both little guys were facing down leaving us with no profile pictures.

The only sad part of that whole day was watching Addison melt when she heard she wasn't getting a sister. It's all she's asked for, but God knows best. She will be the best big sister to brothers ever.

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Leslie Dennis said...

Boys are fun and much easier than girls! Enjoy dressing them alike while they are little. They won't want to as they age! Can't wait to meet the guys!