Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Seaside Beach..Best beach trip ever

First of all, lets say that I may could live here indefinitely. Being a strictly mountain loving girl, that's a big statement. SUCH beautiful beaches. The white sand...the green water. I've only been to one prettier place and that was the Virgin Islands. Unfortunately I need a boat or plane to get there and I would have missed out on our first 7 hour car ride to Florida. It really was a great week. We had our own pool. We were close enough to visit the big beaches of Panama City Beach and Destin. We took the kids on a Pirate ship and watched movies on the lawn in the town HUB. We had our own pool and a 3 story beach house that swayed if you moved too much. We shopped some amazing thrift stores, took the family to Wonderworks and had just a generally fabulous time.

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