Friday, November 16, 2012

Fortuitous Four

My very big girl...literally. She's 42inches tall, and about 43lbs, in the 97 percentile. Yes, she just turned 4. I have to share these few things so I don't lose these precious memories in this chasm I call a brain.
I learned a new verb last week.
"Mommy, prince me." I look at her puzzled. "Prince me!"
"Can you show me how to prince you?"
She then takes my hands and proceeds to dance in circles like Cinderella or Belle.
Ohhhh. Ok. I get it.
We also were invited to a Thanksgiving lunch at her school this week. There she and her classmates performed 4 Thanksgiving songs. So cute. She was not extremely interested in singing. She was too intrigued by the amount of grown-ups staring at her to sing all the words. We've got to work on that.
At the gathering I found out from another mother that her child was having anxiety concerning Addison. I had to laugh out loud when I found out why. Apparently during their time on the playground, Addison chases all the boys.
Not sure why, but I got a taste of how.
While trying to leave the lunch program, I found Addison literally skulking around a table. There, hunched underneath, a boy. She circled it like a lion hunting prey, and he was not moving. She on the other hand found great joy in this and when he made a move, she'd growl at him. Michael says she gets that all from my side of the family. We do have our aggressive tendencies. LOL
This isn't exactly a problem I though I'd be having with a girl.....but hey. Those boys will really appreciate being chased in a few more years.